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Buy local – reduce food miles

A traditional Sunday lunch could easily have travelled 25,000 miles before reaching your plate.

Chicken from Thailand, 10,691 miles by ship
Runner beans from Zambia, 4,912 miles by plane
Carrots from Spain, 1,000 miles by lorry
Mangetout from Zimbabwe, 5,130 miles by plane
Potatoes from Italy, 1,521 miles by lorry
Sprouts from Britain, 125 miles by lorry

Transport of imported goods from port of entry to distribution centre: 625 miles. Transport from distribution centeres to supermarket: 360 miles.
TOTAL 26,234 miles

However, choosing and buying local seasonal foods, at a farmersí market for instance, could reduce the total distance to 376 miles, 1/66th of the distance of the meal above. [from Eating Oil, Sustain]. More >>>