Erica James: Author website
Sarah Rayne: Author website
Maeve Binchy: author

Maeve Binchy: author

Envoy worked with Maeve Binchy’s agent to develop a contemporary website for Maeve’s many fans around the world. It includes exclusive biographical materials, interviews, videos, extracts, an interacive gallery of her international book covers and a dedicated audio section.

Maeve Binchy responsive website on a tabletThe generosity of the extras features and the way in which they integrate with the relevant books make this site a particularly rich resource.

MORIARTY: Anthony Horowitz's new Sherlock Holmes novel

Moriarty: Anthony Horowitz

Produced in less than 10 days, the launch of this website was timed to coincide with the 'reveal' – at the London Book Fair – of Anthony Horowitz's new Sherlock Holmes novel.

Moriarty responsive website on a tablelThe website features smooth-vertical-scrolling, slide-out retailer links, social media functionality, animations and email data capture. The page layout adjusts to work effectively on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Laura Barnett: Author and Journalist

Laura Barnett: author & journalist

‘I love it! It has a lovely clean feel while containing lots of information, and it gives a great sense of who I am, and of the style of my writing.

‘You‘ve understood me and what I want so well.’ Laura Barnett, author of The Versions of Us

David Mark Writer

David Mark: writer

‘Wow!! loving it. Moody, interesting, easy on the eye. It’s terrific’
David Mark

David Mark's responsive website on a tablet As well as promoting the DS McAvoy crime novels, the website offers in-depth articles about his writing and background research. The rich content includes Q&As, interviews, videos, reviews and events listings.

David Mark's DS McAvoy novels set in Hull

Interactive Map of DS McAvoy’s Hull and Humber

David Mark’s publisher, Hodder, commissioned Envoy to create this interactive map for the McAvoy crime novels set in and around Hull. It uses customised google maps to get people into the world of his books.

David Mark's Hull responsive website on a phone‘The results are fantastic and I am greatly enjoying the envious looks of other novelists keen for one of their own!’ David Mark

Joanne Harris's website

Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris website on a mobileJoanne Harris (author of Chocolat) needed a new website that rendered well across different devices and reflected her extensive use of Twitter and Tumblr.

This responsive WordPress website automatically incorporates her social-media activity and can be easily updated by her PA.

Michael Palin's New Europe Online Gallery

Michael Palin's New Europe Online Gallery

An online gallery of exclusive images created to promote New Europe by Michael Palin.

The gallery is generated, without flash or javascript, using an unordered list of photographs and cascading style sheets (CSS). This has the advantage that the photo caption text is visible to search engines and it enhances the gallery's accessibility for all web-users.

The Tomtes of Hill Top Wood

Tomtes of Hilltop Wood

This fully responsive website adapts to fit the size of the viewer's browser window.

When the user's mouse hovers over the central panel, it fades to reveal the full picture of the hiding Tomtes behind the text. Thus reflecting the mood of these whimsial children's books.

Christine Poulson website

Christine Poulson

Christine Poulson's website on a mobile phoneThis responsive website and integrated blog, A Writer's Life, features multiple parallax sections on the home page, and a sleek slide-out main navigation.

'Madeleine designed my web-site, coming up with the inital concept and producing an elegant and easy to navigate site that was very appropriate for my profile as a writer.'



Places to Fall in Love

Places to Fall in Love
Mills & Boon

With the help of a panel of travel experts, and a survey of 2000 men and women, Mills & Boon discovered the top 10 most romantic places in the UK! To celebrate, they commissioned 10 exclusive romance stories, each based at one of those locations.

Mills & Boon commissioned Envoy to create a visually engaging website which would promote the campaign and authors.

Asia Literary Agency

Asia Literary Agency

A modern pan-Asian design for Kelly Falconer’s literary agency, representing Asian authors, experts on Asia and writers living in the region.

Asia Literary Agency responsive website on a tablelBuilt with WordPress the site includes a filterable gallery of authors, and embedded twitter feed. The page layout adjusts to work effectively on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The Atlantis Bookshop

The Atlantis Bookshop

‘Thank you for all the hard work, patience and perseverance. It is a pleasure working with you Madeleine' Bali Beskin

Envoy designed this website to convey the personality of The Atlantis Bookshop in Bloomsbury. A family-run business for nearly 100 years with a vast and eclectic stock of books and magicware. It is London's oldest independent occult bookshop.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Weidenfeld & Nicolson @ 60

Envoy was commissioned to create a web presence to complement the radical new cover artwork created by the advertising agency Fallon to celebrate sixty years of publishing by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

‘These pages . . . are absolutely gorgeous’ Joslyn Tinker, PR Director, Fallon

Orion Publishing Group website

Orion Publishing Group website

The Orion Publishing Group

The Orion Publishing Group is one of the leading commercial publishers in the UK. It embraces the imprints of Orion, Gollancz, Weidenfeld & Nicolson and Phoenix and publishes more than 4,000 books and audio products. Orion authors include Ian Rankin, Terry Pratchett, Maeve Binchy and Antonia Fraser.

Orion commissioned Envoy to project manage, design and create the original OrionBooks website which ran from 2004 to 2010. For several years envoy continued to work with Orion implenting their email newsletter campaigns including those for Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Raven Mysteries, Horrid Henry and the Gollancz imprint.


The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett: website The Versions of Us website

The Versions of Us

Weidenfeld & Nicolson commissioned a special website for Laura Barnett's début novel which became a number-one Sunday Times bestseller.

Drawing inspiration from the intriguing structure of the novel and the striking book-cover design, this website uses parallax scrolling backgrounds and animation.

The website also offers extracts, videos, Soundcloud playlists, Pinterest location boards, and social media embeds.

This simple animation (see top left) only shows the opening frames. Follow this link to scroll through the page and see the full effect.

Gollancz 50

Gollancz 50

To mark its 50th anniversary, Gollancz invited readers to vote for their favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

Envoy created the website and voting mechanism. To enhance the marketing impact of the campaign, all voters were instantly sent a customised follow-up email, thanking them for their votes and recommending further reading related to their selected favourite novels. All the pages included social-media sharing functionality.

The ten favourite books were republished in a collectable retro-look edition.

Virago website

Virago website

Virago Publishing

'... all in all an enchanted garden'

'... dignified and neat, witty and intelligent, as a cultural site should be!'

Building on the established Virago brand, the website has a strong personality. The interactive 'Virago Modern Classics timeline' and 'Meet the Author' pages fulfill a user's curiousity about the books. The 'On this Day' calendar engages visitors with a quote or event which relates to the specific date of one or more Virago books. This draws people into the extensive Virago backlist and – together with the competitions – gives users good reason to return regularly to the website.

Envoy created this website and then managed it for 12 months before handing it over for in-house day-to-day management.

Asterix website


The official website for the English- language editions of the Asterix albums.

This website was designed in compliance with the strict style and content guidelines instituted by the client to protect the world-famous Asterix brand. Archive copy available on request.


NorthEast Wellbeing website
The Village Trip

The Village Trip

An annual festival in New York City, celebrating the arts and music, history and heritage of Greenwich Village.

Envoy designed and created this website and provides intensive technical and marketing support for the nine-day festival. The website offers comprehensive listings, booking integration with Eventbrite, and for some events live streaming too.

Bingham and District Choral Society

Bingham and District Choral Society

‘Madeleine is a joy to work with and has the great knack of being able to take what are sometimes imprecise concepts and make sense of them. She has a particular feel for the requirements of groups such as authors, artists, and it would appear choral societies!
Brad Poulson, BDCS

Esk Valley Railway website

Esk Valley Railway website

Esk Valley Railway

The Esk Valley Railway Development Company briefed Envoy to create a website which would increase passenger numbers on this line by promoting trains as an environmentally friendly and stress-free way to explore and appreciate the magnificent landscape along the route.

Esk Valley Railway live departures viewed on a mobile phone As well as printer-friendly timetables for each station and an interactive map of the line, live arrival and departure times are provided on pages specially designed for viewing on mobile phones.

2 skint 4 school website

2 Skint 4 School

'This looks really fantastic – I love it! The way you've used the doodles and stars is really good and the handwriting font for the RHS links is great with the ruled background.'

Tim Nichols, Press & Parliamentary Liaison Officer at CPAG, who commissioned this website.

Child Poverty Action Group website

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

'Thank you for managing the content of our website so promptly and reliably'
Martin Barnes, Director, CPAG

Envoy worked with CPAG from 2000 to 2012 developing their website and implementing regular updates.

Eye to Eye photo library

Eye to Eye photo library (Save the Children project)

This searchable database contains over 250 images selected from the work of Palestinian children who participated in a series of photographic workshops. The images can be browsed by themed galleries, articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) or a particular refugee camp. Archive copy available on request.

Save the Children website

Save the Children

Envoy project-managed the creation of this the first website for Save the Children UK and managed its growing content and additional developments over the succeeding 18 months.

A top 20 superbrand website in Marketing Week's internet league table, 2001. The website was rated on its navigation, content, brand proposition and effectiveness. The ranking shows how well Save the Children translated its appeal onto the internet.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Centenary website

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

This website, commissioned to mark the centenary of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, links past events with current work, making extensive use of its archive of photographs. Archive copy available on request.

Schools Council UK website

Schools Council UK

To bring this website alive, the design – inspired by Mondrion's paintings – features numerous photographs from School Councils workshops. Archive copy available on request.

Martson Vale Community Rail Partnership

This heavily customised WordPress website, which is now managed by volunteers, makes extensive use of categorised blog entries to easily maintain an up-to-date and engaging website. The ever-changing carousel of images on the front page and footers are automatically generated from recent blog postings.

Eye to Eye photographs and stories by young Palestinian refugees (Save the Children project)

'What a wonderful idea the Eye to Eye website is ... It is truly original and wonderfully conceived'

'[This website is] very intriguing and I love the interactive stuff. The information is simply but elegantly stated'

The unique qualities of the web help visitors to explore the children's pictures and stories in depth. On the 'Photostories' pages, a click-and-drag photo-puzzle encourages people to piece together images. A spy-hole game allows users to discover the picture gradually. Elsewhere, a slide show tells a story. Sound is used to introduce Arabic phrases and a quiz encourages visitors to explore the website more thoroughly.

British Association of Performing Arts Medicine website

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM)

Envoy researched and obtained the striking photographs of performing artists to communicate BAPAM's ethos and the diversity of this organisation's interests and clients. The website includes a searchable database of practitioners. The news pages are managed using WordPress which was customised and integrated into the main website by Envoy.

Edward Thomas Fellowship website

Edward Thomas Fellowship website

Edward Thomas Fellowship

The entry page changes automatically each month, the time of year is evoked by an extract from Edward Thomas's poetry, emphasising its connectedness with the English landscape and seasons.

'I hadn't read any Edward Thomas for over ten years. I'm now rushing off to Amazon to buy his works. Many thanks!'

'A good website like ours is key to organisations now. About 90% of new applications for membership come as a result of the website.'
Ian C. Morton, Honorary Secretary, Edward Thomas Fellowship

Recommended as a learning resource by GCSE Answers and SchoolsNet. A version of this website has been archived by the British Library.

Crescent Arts website

Crescent Arts

Envoy worked with Crescent Arts between 2003 and 2015. In 2008 the site was redesigned by Envoy to reflect Crescent Arts new branding by Andy Edwards Design.

The current website is managed by Crescent Arts studio holders. Archive copy available on request.

Esk Valley Outings website

Esk Valley Outings

This pioneering and innovative resource uses social media and crowdsourcing to tap into the in-depth knowledge of passengers using a rural branch line in North Yorkshire.

Before designing and creating this website, Envoy collaborated with the Esk Valley Railway Development Company to raise funding for the project.


A website is a very cost-effective way to follow up initial contact with potential clients or even extend your relationship with a current client. In their own time and at their own pace, clients can find out about the full range of your services. With a well-designed website, you have the opportuity to establish your credentials and convey your values and working style. Here are some examples, created by Envoy in close collaboration with the websites' owners.

Teresa Toms: Artist website
InsideOut Musician

InsideOut Musician

InsideOut Musician is an online collaboration of professional musicians who offer creative courses for other musicians, along with a regular online Ceilidh which brings people together from around the world.

The website needed to communicate the spirit of the venture, whilst offering easy access to the course listings and a seemless booking experience. This was achieved by integrating Wordpress with event calendars, Woocommerce, Stripe and Zoom.

Tim Rubidge Choreographer

Tim Rubidge: choreographer

Scaleable full-page photographic images have been used throughout the main body of the website to convey Tim's bold and innovative approach to performance work.

Tim Rubidge responsive website on a tablelTo achieve this, the site is raw-coded using the latest CSS techniques. It is fully responsive and renders effectively on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Freehand Puppet Theatre

Freehand Theatre

'Thank you once again for our fantastic website. It really has given our work a tremendous boost and I continually get compliments about it'


Tandem website

Tandem: communications & research

The Tandem website conveys the quality, range and depth of their experience. It has proved a useful resource for promoting workshops and conferences and distributing reports.


Curious Tent Hire

Curious Tent Hire

Envoy worked closely with the owners of Curious Tent Hire to incorporate their hand-drawn navigation elements into the design, creating a website that conveys their values. This is a customised WordPress website that is fully responsive and renders effectively on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Louisa Creed Ragrugs website

Louisa Creed Rag Rugs

This ever-growing online gallery of Louisa and Lewis Creed's rag rugs has proved invaluable in allowing exhibition curators to select the rugs which they wish to include in exhibitions throughout the world.

It has also enabled them to share their creativite experience and to sell their artworks.

Whole Life Coaching with Amanda Brook Chen website

Talk Things Over: Whole Life Coaching

After careful collaboration with Amanda Brook Chen, Envoy created this website to reflect her values and working style. 'I am very thrilled with the work you have done - many, many thanks'

'This has got to be the most graceful and quietly powerful coaching site I’ve ever seen.' Kristina Elaine, a Life Coach

The Bradley Partnership

The Bradley Partnership

Thinking Aloud – the director's professional WordPress blog was customised by Envoy to complement the content and design of the main website (which was also created by Envoy). A feed from the blog ensures that the website is continually updated without any extra work for the Bradley Partnership team.




Tax Credits

Tax Credits (Scottish Office)

Archive copy available on request.

Young Lives website

Young Lives (DFID)

Young Lives, funded by DFID (Department for International Development), is an innovative long-term international research project investigating the changing nature of child poverty.

The website is a key tool for advocacy and links the researchers, policy-makers and planners in the 20 participating countries.

Heatlh Activist website

Health Activist website

Health Activist (NHS)

'The website brings real added value to our training guide'

The Health Activist website enhanced the potential of a printed guide by offering additional examples, information and resources. The email discussion list, managed by Envoy, provided a forum for those involved in developing community health leaders to share experiences, network with others and offer peer support.

Envoy also developed and executed the on and off-line marketing strategy for the project, in which we worked closely with researcher and writer Ruth Wilson of Tandem. Archive copy available on request.


#FaceHerFuture | A call to create a more equal future

Face Her Future: Fawcett Society

In response to the outcome of the EU Referendum, the Fawcett Society commissioned Envoy to design and build a new campaign website calling for a more equal future. This responsive website features multiple parallax sections, clear signposting throughout, social media and email newsletter integration.

Make Child Benefit Count website

Make Child Benefit Count

Launched to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the introduction of child benefit, this campaign website collected email pledges urging the Chancellor of the Exchequer to increase child benefit and ensure that younger children get the same rate as the oldest child.

Scarborough Local Food Group website

Scaraborough Local Food Group

This community website promotes a print version of the local food guide, provides an automatically generated 'What's in season' listing and the option to join a local food email list. The pages have been designed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and access keys enable navigation around the website without the use of a mouse.

Fawcett Society website

Fawcett Society – campaigning for equaltiy between women and men since 1866

An entry tunnel of arresting facts draws people into this campaign website. Once there, they can take part in an urgent action, make contact with a local group or join Fawcett. Archive copy available on request.

EcoNexus website


A crisp website with a serious tone, created to impart technical information and ethical argument to scientists, campaigners, and decision-makers.

'Quietly efficient as ever, thanks so much' Helena Paul, Co-Director, EcoNexus

Dig It Up! website

Dig It Up! – a call to remove GM oilseed rape from Britain's countryside

'Wow! That's a hell of a website you've got there, and all in a weekend! (I must go write a postcard or two)'

'Very good website! Concentrated and relevant information, easy to navigate'

A rapid-response campaigning site, created within three days in 2000. The bold colours, simple navigation and clear graphics add a sense of urgency. We used the immediacy of the web to provide a daily diary as the campaign developed.

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