Whole life coaching with Amanda Brook Chen

Welcome to Whole Life Coaching

You're here because you're curious to find out more. You're aware that you want to move your life forward – you have a feeling in your bones that something needs to change.

Change and decision making are hard work – and we can all use some support and encouragement to enable us to shift our perspective. Working with a coach allows you to talk things over on a regular basis in a reflective and imaginative environment which frees and opens the mind to new possibilities, yet keeps you focused.

How can coaching improve your life?

Coaching provides you with a structure and support system in which to question, reflect and then take action. Coaching processes will enable you to:

Who works with a coach?

The only necessary prerequisites for working with a coach are the desire for change and growth. This may be in personal or professional areas, or usually both, as we are often looking to achieve a more satisfying feeling of balance in our lives.

Benefits for you

"Coaching you see is not telling people what to do; it's giving them a chance to examine what they are doing in the light of their intentions"

James Flaherty