Envoy was founded in 1998 by Madeleine Parkyn, with 15 years’ experience of management and marketing in the commercial and not-for-profit publishing sectors in the UK. Before becoming self-employed, she was Head of Publications at Save the Children UK.

Before establishing Envoy, she extended this experience to the internet – leading training courses on using the internet, writing about women’s involvement with the net, as well as creating, maintaining and marketing several websites. Her MA course in Museum Studies increased her understanding of communication theory, exhibition design and the use of multimedia, all of which she has subsequently applied to working with the internet.


BSc. Hons, Botany
MA (with distinction), Museum Studies

Recent professional courses and conferences

  1. Understanding the internet user experience
  2. Accessibility training
  3. Designing effective email newsletters
  4. Seeking Inspiration (St Bride Library of printing and graphic arts)
  5. Shift Happens: New technologies and the arts
  6. Open Rights Group (ORG) Digital Rights Conference


Envoy works collaboratively on a project, assessing the skills required for each stage and drawing together a team with specialist knowledge to see the project through to completion. Madeleine Parkyn manages all the projects from start to finish.

We often foster long-term working relationships with clients, enabling them to develop their website in response to their changing needs and technological developments.

Rather than talking about what we can do, let us show what we have actually done. View some case studies of envoy websites and email campaigns or find out about our consultancy work. Most of our work comes from client referrals.

We have given consultancy advice on internet-related projects to:

  • English Nature
  • Woodland Trust
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • National Health Service: Northern and Yorkshire Regional Office
  • Catch the Spirit
  • South Bank Employers Group (London)
  • Fawcett Society
  • Genetic Engineering Network
  • EcoNexus
  • London Borough of Greenwich Millennium Project
  • International Save the Children Alliance

To see the websites which we have created, view the clients page.

Envoy also works with self-employed professionals to produce websites which effectively communicate their services. View some examples.

As ever, we are so lucky to have such a stellar and reliable person as you working with us. We truly feel like you’re another member of the team!
Marissa Hussey
Digital Marketing Director, The Orion Publishing Group

Congratulations, Madeleine. Everyone has done nothing but heap praise on the website. You are a genius - and hugely sympathetic to the project, which really made a big difference
Lennie Goodings

It's been brilliant working with you and I've learnt a lot from you.
Alice Payn
Orion Website Manager

It is a great learning experience working with Madeleine. She takes time to get to know what makes us tick as an organisation, and shares her knowledge about the web, and web marketing, in a such way that we can understand it and apply it without feeling overwhelmed.
Ruth Hansford
Strategic Development Manager British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

Thanks to Madeleine for continuing to edit our website with alarcrity and decisive aesthetic and ideological judgement.
Stuart Cameron
Crescent Arts

The combination of creativity and thoroughness is rare and much appreciated!
Eleanor Green
Health Promotion Strategy
Bradford Health Authority

The website looks really good, due to your creativity and dedication, so thank you very much.
Katharine Maycock
Eye to Eye Project Coordinator
Save the Children

It's so encouraging to see us showing such a professional face. Our sponsors, practitioners and every one of our stakeholders will be delighted with this.
I certainly am!
Richard Price, Chair
British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

Thank you for our fantastic website. It really has given our work a tremendous boost and I continually get compliments about it.
Lizzie Allen
Freehand Puppet Theatre

Thanks! You're always ahead of the game...
Jill Foulston,
Commissioning Editor

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