EMAIL NEWSLETTERS are a low-cost but high-return medium of communication. Well-designed email campaigns are very effective at building lasting relationships with your clients. They can be quick to produce and their effectiveness is very easy to monitor and evaluate. Email marketing provides the highest return on investment of any form of marketing.

Envoy has worked on a wide range of email marketing campaigns. We work flexibly to meet your particular needs. We can provide a complete email marketing service or just support in an area where you lack in-house expertise or capacity. To find out more, visit Email by Envoy a website dedicated specifically to email marketing.

Email by Envoy website

Envoy uses progressive enhancement and responsive design techniques to create single email templates that render optimally in real time across a variety of screen sizes.

Envoy designs bespoke responsive HTML emails that will render effectively on all devices

Envoy designs bespoke responsive HTML emails that will render effectively on all devices, ranging from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. We have experience of working with various email service providers (ESPs) including Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp.

Email marketing offers the best return on investment because:

Email is active: Email marketing actively sends your message to interested people, rather than relying on them to find you each time. Furthermore, you can remind your customers about your website and sevices at the time that you choose.

Email is quick and cost-effective: Once the infrastructure is in place, email campaigns can be pulled together very quickly, much more rapidly than any other direct marketing tool. The time between distribution and delivery of an email campaign can be measured in minutes rather than days. These factors mean that you can deliver timely messages with great precision, and results will become evident quickly after you start your campaign.

Email enables effective targeted one-to-one marketing: Email marketing is agile, allowing you to vary the content sent to customers depending on their interests. Using techniques such as dynamic content, segmentation queries and geographical and behavioural triggered emails, it is possible to send personalised, highly targeted, relevant and timely email communications.

Email builds relationships: Email is one of the most personal, yet least intrusive ways of connecting with your audience. Users have a higher emotional engagement with email newsletters than with websites. A well-thought-out email plan can create and strengthen customer loyalty.

Email is suited to testing: Email marketing can provide extensive feedback. For instance, you can measure how many of your emails were successfully delivered and opened or which and how many times the links were clicked on. Over a period of time, you can then build up a picture of what is proven to work best for you. This information can be used to develop new campaigns based on your customers’ responses.

With email you are in control: Email is one of the few remaining ways to reach your customers without the fees and restrictive rules imposed by the gatekeepers – social media sites, application stores and search engines. You choose how and when you wish to communicate with your audience.

Email newsletters need to work across all devices

The use of use of mobile phones means that email newsletters today are an even more important way to stay connected with customers than they were in the recent past. This is particularly true because people sometimes have time to fill while using their phones. One user said: “I tend to look at a lot more marketing material on my phone. It's because at home I wouldn’t sit and give them the time. But if I’m on the move and have the spare time, I do it.” (Nielsen 2012)

At Envoy, we design responsive emails that dynamically adapt to fit the screen sizes of the device the recipient is using at that time. Users will often open the same email on different devices – mobile, tablet, desktop – so it is important that the email looks good and works effecively regardless of the device or screen size it is being viewed on.

A single email template that render optimally in real-time across a variety of screen sizes

Envoy uses progressive enhancement and responsive design techniques to create single email templates that render optimally in real time across a variety of screen sizes.

88% of smartphone-users check their email via mobile on a daily basis (econsultancy)

People are very glad to receive emails which are carefully targeted and work effectively on whichever device they happen to be using at the time. Email campaigns are a flexible tool that can generate rewards for both the recipient and the sender.

Envoy’s email services

We are happy to provide a regular email marketing service or temporary support in particularly busy periods or when in-house capacity is reduced. We offer a full email marketing service or specific support in the following areas as required.

Visit the Email by Envoy website for more detailed information.

  • Adapting designs for effective use in emails
  • Creating regular email newsletters from raw copy and mailing
  • Bespoke solus email design
  • Email template design
  • Adapting email templates for mobile RSS-generated emails,
    e.g from blog entries
  • Email delivery and testing
  • List segmentation and personalisation
  • Integrating email with social media
  • Campaign review/analytics
  • Subscription forms and buttons (including for iPad and Facebook)
  • Customising the subscription process
  • Importing/migrating data to email service providers
  • Landing pages: forms, surveys, quizes and competitions

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