Cherry TomatoesFood growing provides a challenging but very rewarding experience. There is something very special about eating fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself, or which has been grown by a friend or a neighbour. This is the most fresh and nutritious food that is available. Growing your own does require a regular commitment to ensure that crops thrive but it does not need to be expensive.

Dwarf French Bean SeedlingsGrowing Opportunities needs land. Land can be anywhere that can be easily and safely accessed – private gardens, public open spaces, land managed by housing associations or other bodies. This does not need to be a large area – even very small patches of ground can be made very productive and can be more easily managed by people who have less time. If you have land that could be used for cultivation, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!


Project aims

Growing Opportunities will match land with growers and provide ongoing mentoring and support to ensure that every-one has a positive and fulfilling food growing experience.

In particular, the project aims to:Courgette seedlings


If you would like to be involved with Growing Opportunities as a grower, landowner or volunteer (or any combination of the above), please get in touch in the following ways:

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Further resources

Vegan Organic Network

Reasons to grow your own!
Here's an inspiring 10 minute video from the USA about how the Dervaes family has slowly transformed its ordinary city garden into a self-reliant urban homestead.

Organic growing guidelines
Whatever the style, size or location of your garden, the Garden Organic guidelines will help you look after it organically. They are based on Garden Organic's 50 years experience in organic growing.