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Friends of the Earth
The best starting point for information about GM crops and farming in the UK.

Another good resource for anti-GM campaigners.

Genetix Snowball
A campaign of nonviolent civil responsibility against GM crops. This website includes a guide to safely removing GM plants from release sites in Britain.

Norfolk Genetic Information Network
A large and lively site full of valuable information and resources. A great read and highly recommended.

Tiki the Penguin
An entertaining and informative website devoted to environmental issues; it includes a cartoon guide to the principles behind GM and why you should object to it.

Mutanto: Fraud, Stealth, Hype. A very enjoyable and inspirational website, examining the leading perpetrator of eco-terrorism. Naughty yet effective. Highly recommended.

Primal Seeds
Challenging the Monocult. An exciting resource for anti-GM campaigners and activists.

Corporate Watch

A brand new website from Corporate Watch. Find out who's pushing GMOs in your area. Interactive maps of the UK, in-depth briefings plus comprehensive links to action and information sites.
The main Corporate Watch website which includes detailed reports on the biotech industry.

Soil Association
The UK's leading campaigning organisation for organic food and farming.

Prince of Wales
Speeches and articles by HRH the Prince of Wales, including those challenging GM.

GM Trial Sites
The Government's website which gives the locations of current GM crop trials (you will need an Adobe Acrobat reader to view this).

Pharmacia is the new name for Monsanto, the company which developed the GM oilseed rape now growing illegally in the UK. Based in the USA, this is its main website.

Monsanto UK
Monsanto UK's website.

Advanta Seeds UK
Advanta Seeds UK appears not to have a website. Another advantage to us!

GM-ACTION free subscription email list
An excellent email list which maintains a network between anti-GM campaigners, keeping each other informed of news and spreading information for rapid and effective action.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to with the following command in the body of your email message: subscribe gm-action




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